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Grand Brulot VSOP Cognac & Coffee

Grand Brulot VSOP Cognac & Coffee


Grand Brulot Cognac Coffee  (70cl / 40%)

Grand Brulot produces only one spirit, which is hand crafted by the Tardy Cognac family on their estate in the Cognac region of France. Cellar master and fifth-generation cognac producer, Cristophe Tardy, meticulously selects the most exquisite eaux-de-vie with a rare blend of Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes from a single estate to create an impeccable VSOP cognac.

The cognac is carefully blended with Ecuadorean 100% Robusta coffee beans which have been specifically selected for their concentrated richness. Finally, the blend is left to mature in French oak barrels for up to six years, allowing the flavors to meld over time. The finished result is a uniquely dry and smooth blend of VSOP cognac and coffee, providing flavor notes of vanilla and nutmeg, with a delicate honey aroma which then combines with 100% Robusta espresso to leave us with a rich, roasted, dark and dense nose and palate.


History of Café Brulôt:

Grand Brulot revives a 200-plus year old French tradition in which rich coffee was combined with cognac to produce a delicious drink: The Brulôt.

The history of Café Brulôt goes back to New Orleans in the early 1800s and the infamous Jean Lafitte. Legend has it that the French pirate was the first to pair café and cognac, we may never know if this is the case, but his story certainly lives on in today’s after-dinner Café Brulôt tradition in the finest French Quarter restaurants.


How to enjoy:

As a carefully crafted spirit, each serving of Grand Brulot includes one-full shot of espresso, making it perfect to enjoy as a simple coffee shot or on the rocks with an orange peel. This unique spirit will also give a new lease of life to your favourite premium coffee cocktails such as a manhattan, old fashioned or espresso martini.


Awards: Grand Brulot VSOP Cognac & Cafe won a silver medal at the 2020 Bartenders Spirits Awards where leading bartenders bring you the best spirits you can enjoy at bars in the USA.


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