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Alegria hot sauce

Alegria hot sauce


Mastari Alegria hot sauce  (100ml)

Sun-drenched fruits, a pepper with intense heat. This is the promise of Alegria sauce, which will go well with your red meats and other festive fried vegetables (Strength 7/8 - Scoville scale equivalence: approximately 160,000 SHU).

Made in France, fresh ingredients, 100% natural, no preservatives, no colorings.


Ingredients: Habanero pepper (30%), raspberry, organic cider vinegar**, vinegar, naga jolokia pepper (10%), currant, Camargue salt, spearmint, Sichuan pepper, xanthan gum (natural stabilizer) *may contain traces of celery.

** from organic farming

210g (Net Wight) 

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