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Wasabi spice blend

Wasabi spice blend


Wasabi spice blend

A must-have for Japanese cuisine !

In Japanese, "Wasabi" means "mountain hollyhock" as the two plants look similar. Wasabi powder is obtained by grating the fresh roots of the perennial plant Eutrema japonicum. It is traditionally used in Japanese cuisine as a powder or a paste. It grows on the mountainsides of Sakhalin island.

Cool and spicy notes.


Enlivens all your baked cod "en papillote", julienne vegetables, vinaigrette sauces, chilled soup, roast rabbit, roast chicken, baked salmon cake, avocado and tomato verrine. How to make your own Wasabi paste : it's easy, just mix a small amount of powder with a few drops of soya sauce!

Truly delicious !


Ingredients: horseradish powder, MUSTARD powder, corn starch, wasabi (0.1%), antioxidant: E300, acid: E330, colourings: E102**-E133.

**May have adverse effects on activity and attention in children.

60g (Net Weight)

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