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Traditional Marseille soap Extra 72% Olive oil

Traditional Marseille soap Extra 72% Olive oil


Traditional Marseille soap Extra Olive oil 300g

Over 600 years of soap making history lie behind the humble Marseille soap cube. It has been the workhorse of French kitchens, laundry rooms and greenhouses for centuries and can truly be regarded as the original versatile household soap! Holding an important place in the cultural and industrial heritage of Provence, it is mild and cleansing and can be used in a multitude of ways in and around the home.


100% natural and authentically made, this soap is pH neutral, without additives, hypoallergenic, naturally biodegradable and is vegan friendly, contains no parabens, fragrances, colourings or EDTA.  It is particularly gentle on the skin and will cleanse, soften, nourish and deeply moisturise the "old-fashioned" way!


Le Bloc is:

  • Pure and natural genuine Marseille Olive soap containing a whopping 72% natural Olive and Coconut oil making it moisturising and non drying to the skin.

  • Completely free from additives - no Parabens, no colourings, no preservatives, no fragrances, no EDTA’s, no SLS’s so it is gentle and suitable for sensitive and problem skin.

  • Multi-purpose - it's great for using in the shower and bath for body and hair, for cleaning teeth (yes!), washing clothes (very good for grease stains) and even washing your dog.

  • Naturally antiseptic, perfect for cleansing your skin after rugby games, gardening, sweaty sports and can be used on cuts and grazes!

  • Iconic in design and looks totally cool in your bathroom!

  • Perfect for: shower, sports bag, garage, gift, boys, dads! 


Composition: sodium olivate, sodium cocoate , aqua, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide

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