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Toulouse sausages X4

Toulouse sausages X4


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Raw Toulouse sausages X4

Authentically made with the finest ingredients in France, to a traditional Toulouse recipe. They are seasoned with Guerande sea salt, made from coarsely ground, French pork and have natural pork casings.

Truly delicious for a real treat. Grill, fry or braise or use to make an authentic French cassoulet.

These Toulouse sausages are suitable for freezing.

Ingredients: Pork meat (68.9%), pork fat, water, acidifiers (E325, E262), Guerande salt (1.4%), spices and aromatics (MUSTARD), dextrose, LACTOSE, glucose syrup, salt, aromas, antioxidant (E300, E316), yeast extract, natural pork casing.

Meat country of Origin: France

400g (Net Weight) min.


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