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Smoked Morteau sausage

Smoked Morteau sausage


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Smoked Morteau sausage

Morteau sausage is produced in the mountains and plateaus of France's Jura region, at altitudes above 600 meters. The town of Morteau is located exactly in the center of the traditional region of the "tuyés," immense conical hearths that crossed the entire house, used to smoke and preserve meats. 

Morteau sausage is produced from pork from the Franche-Comté region, because in this mountainous area the pigs are fattened in the traditional way. To be entitled to the name "Saucisse de Morteau," the product must be smoked for at least 48 hours in the tuyé. It does not cook, however, because the slow burning is accompanied by a strong current of air. True Morteau sausage is recognizable by the ring and wooden tag attached to one end.



Put the sausage in a large pan and cover with cold water, cook it on medium heat for 30 minutes.


Serve with mashed potatoes, lentilles or cabbage.


Ingredients: Pork, salt, dextrose, spices and aromatic plants (pepper, nutmeg, caraway, coriander, garlic), preservative: E250, ferments, natural pork casing.

Country of origin: France

380g (Net Weight) min.

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