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SASSY Cider Semi-Dry

SASSY Cider Semi-Dry


SASSY Cider Semi-Dry  (33cl - 75cl / 4%) 

Made from 100 % organic Normandy cider apples (5 varieties) grown and harvested near the Chateau de Sassy.


A subtle and well-balanced semi-dry organic cider. A fruity hit with notes of « terroir » in the front of the mouth, giving a reminder of the Norman origins of the product. It goes perfectly with soft pasta, cheese and white meats.


Best served at 8°C.


∙ 4 % ABV
∙ Fruit-forward, semi-dry cidre
∙ 5 varieties of organic apple
∙ Light amber with golden highlights
∙ Smooth effervescence
∙ Notes of mature fruit and leather

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