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Provence biscuits, Orange blossom navettes

Provence biscuits, Orange blossom navettes


Organic orange blossom navettes

These organic orange blossom Navettes owe their delicate flavour to the fragrant white blossoms of the orange tree.

These Navettes are delicious specialities with a pleasant texture thanks to the local ingredients such as organic butter and spelt flour from Haute-Provence.

First made in 1781 in Marseille, Navettes' special shape was formed based on that of the fisher boats. The pastry chefs at La Biscuiterie de Provence have further perfected the original recipe in order to achieve a more enjoyable texture.

Made with IGP spelt flour from Haute-Provence and all-organic ingredients with absolutely no colourants, artificial flavourings, additives, preservatives, GMOs, or palm oil.

Best enjoyed with a cup of coffee, tea or cooler drinks to evoke the summer and the Mediterranean flavours and scents.

Ingredients: WHEAT flour from Drôme, sugar, BUTTER, EGG, orange blossom water 5%, SPELT flour from Haute Provence PGI, salt, baking powder (WHEAT starch, sodium bicarbonate, monopotassium tartrate), natural orange blossom extracts

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