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Provence Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Provence Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Organic Provence Extra Virign Olive Oil (50cl) 


Nestling in its favourite soil, Aglandau offers us the quintessence of the local terroir. It is one of the only varieties to withstand the climate hazards: early frosts, wind and cold.

Its aromas and flavours are unique, and the oil is renowned for its character, which is expressed through its light ardour, bitterness and dominant notes of green fruit, artichoke and almond.

Its colour is that of nature: an intense green that immerses you in a bosky bower.

It goes perfectly with both cold and hot dishes: salads, fish, meat and pasta.


The bottle

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the 50cl bottle from Les Jardins d'Olya has a number of technical advantages that make for a delightful experience: a cap with an integrated pourer to limit the loss of olive oil during use, and a greaseproof label.


Produced in micro-production (less than 5,000 bottles a year), each bottle is numbered, proof of our desire to make this product unique and traceable.

Once empty, reuse this functional and decorative object as you wish!


  • More information

    Origin Murs, Luberon, France

    Variety 100% Aglandau

    Fruity taste Green fruity

    Aromas Artichoke, Almond

    Flavour Light aroma, bitter

    Colour Intense green

    Food pairing Salads, Fish, Meat, Pasta


  • Olive processing

    Superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained directly from the olives and only by mechanical means, without any chemical treatment or heating that could alter the quality.

    First cold extraction. Untreated. Unfiltered.

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