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Organic Almond and lemon cake from Menton

Organic Almond and lemon cake from Menton


Organic Almond and lemon cake from Menton

An essential speciality of the Biscuiterie de Provence for over 30 years, our soft cakes are particularly rich in almonds. This inimitable lemon cake flavour owes its taste to a zest of IGP Menton lemon and an essential oil of lemon. You'll love this organic Almond and lemon cake from Menton made exclusively with organically grown ingredients !


The PGI Menton lemon is not chemically treated after harvesting. The peel has a strong aromatic fragrance and the juice is strongly scented and has a tangy flavour without bitterness.


Our packaging guarantees freshness and softness for more than a year, it is validated by an accredited French laboratory and specialised in food contact, it is also 100% recyclable ! Its innovative packaging will also give you the possibility of simply taking it out of a backpack and unmoulding it quickly for an on-the-go tasting. This Almond and Lemon Cake from Menton is flourless, perfectly suitable for coeliacs and seduces for its irresistible softness and its exceptional smoothness in the mouth.


Made and packaged in a specific gluten-free workshop, it is no less delicious ! Carefully prepared, this mixture of lemon and almonds brings a subtle and sunny note, typical of Provence, to delight your taste buds !


Ingredients : Sugar*, 32% almonds*eggs*butter,* Menton lemon zest PGI*, lemon essential oil.

* Ecologically grown product.

Made in a workshop using other nuts

225g (Net Weight)

Only 6 left in stock
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