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Cluizel chocolate& caramel mushrooms

Cluizel chocolate& caramel mushrooms


Cluizel chocolate & caramel mushrooms

Created almost 45 years ago, the Caramel Mushroom is an original creation and reveals the extent of Manufacture CLUIZEL’s know-how. Every mushroom is unique, assembled by hand, and require 6 steps to craft.

Its original form, its elegant finish, its unmistakably sweet, caramel taste, and its crunchy, melting texture make this chocolate a bestseller both in France and abroad.


Chocolate truffle in the shape of a mushroom, filled with soft caramel and crunchy almond nougatine.

The head of the mushroom is made of dark Chocolate, filled with a crispy almond crunch. The stem of the mushroom is made of white Chocolate, filled with a very soft, and incredibly delicious butter caramel, with a base of dark Chocolate. The really caramel butter caramel dominates the taste of the white and dark chocolate shells. It is not only the shape of this praline; we believe: this must be one of the most delicious Pralines that a caramel fan can get.


Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa, cocoa butter, cream, whole milk powder, invert sugar, confectionery butter, almond, emulsifier (rapeseed lecithin), Bourbon vanilla pods

125g (Net Weight)

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