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Crème de Cassis Imperial, (Blackcurrant) 50cl

Crème de Cassis Imperial, (Blackcurrant) 50cl


Crème de Cassis, Blackcurrant liqueur  70cl / 18%

A black-coloured berry, blackcurrant is the fruit of the Cassissier which grows wild in the mountainous and cold regions of the Palearctic zone corresponding to Europe and certain countries in North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. These smooth-skinned berries are very aromatic and are therefore often used in liqueurs and creams. Once used as a medicinal preparation, crème de cassis as it is known today was created in Burgundy in the 19th century. Crème de cassis has the specificity of containing a minimum of 15 degrees of alcohol as well as a minimum of 400 grams of sugar per litre.


Color: Dark red with garnet red hues.


Scent: A scent that is slightly peppery and of great aromatic intensity.


Taste: Slightly acidulous with the powerful aroma of blackcurrant. The bitterness of the fruit is subtle at the end.



For aperitif with a dry white, rosé or sparkling wine.
In cocktails.

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