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Saffron Gin Gabriel Boudier

Saffron Gin Gabriel Boudier


Saffron Gin   (70cl, 40%)

The Saffron Gin, The daring inventiveness of the Gabriel Boudier Family House. Paradoxical and seductive, this original, rare and sensational Gin arouses an extraordinary attraction, excites the eye and the taste buds of Gin lovers.



Nose: Floral note, marriage between fruit and spice, Saffron brings a roundness, a remarkable sweetness complemented by Gennièvre, Fennel and Citrus fruits.


Palate: Very characteristic, smooth, finely spiced, racy, with a slightly woody juniper note. The finish is very persistent.



From London to Pondicherry, Saffron Gin is a real promise of travel. This original gin with exotic notes is distilled in Dijon, and it is the basis of many cocktails, the most famous of which is the Saffron Gin Tonic.


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