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Querubi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Querubi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Querubi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  500ml

The French Eastern Pyrenees, home to our organic Olive farm, has for many centuries offered a superb climate for Olive growing.


Aroma and taste

Querubi extra Virgin Olive Oil has in intense aroma of wet leaves and spicy herbs, including bay, parsley and a touch of thym, with strong green tea and a hint of ginger.

Its taste is deeply herbaceous, with a salad bowl of strong leaves including mustard, watercress and rocket with more culinary herbs and a touch of grapefruit pith. Extremely well balanced bitterness and pepper never mask the fruit.

All these elements linger into the attractively long after taste and are joined by nuts and biscuits towards the end.


This first class oil has the complexity and harmony essential to excellence. The specific Flavour characteristics are many and varied, each of these different components are beautifuly balanced. Show off as a stand-alone oil with bread dipers or vegetable crudités or use to enhance a wide range of dishes as a finishing oil. It also makes a great flavouring ingredient in its own right.

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