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Artisanal apricot Jam from Rousillon

Artisanal apricot Jam from Rousillon


Artisanal Apricot Jam from Rousillon

Discover our artisanal Roussillon apricot jam, a delicious explosion of fruity and sunny flavours. Made with apricots from Roussillon, renowned for their sweet taste and juicy flesh, this jam transports you directly to the sunny orchards of the region.

Features :
• Roussillon apricots: We only use Roussillon apricots, carefully selected for their exceptional quality. These sun-kissed fruits give our jam a rich flavor, a velvety texture and an incomparable natural sweetness.
• Without dyes or preservatives: We favor a natural approach by avoiding the use of artificial colors or preservatives. Our jam is a pure and authentic product, simply composed of Roussillon apricots and sugar.

Use and accompaniment:
• Gourmet breakfast: Spread our Roussillon apricot jam generously on fresh bread or pastries for a gentle awakening full of sunny flavours.
• Versatile accompaniment: This jam goes wonderfully with cheese, pancakes, yogurts or desserts. Unleash your culinary creativity and add a fruity and sweet touch to your favorite dishes.
• Delicious gift: Offer a jar of our Roussillon apricot jam to your loved ones to help them discover the quintessence of indulgence. A perfect gift for any special occasion or just to treat yourself.

Additional Information :
• Capacity: Each jar of jam contains 230 grams of deliciously fruity jam.
• Storage: Store your jam in a cool, dry place. After opening, place it in the refrigerator and consume it within two weeks to preserve its freshness and flavors.

Do not miss the opportunity to taste our apricot jam from Roussillon, a real taste gem of the region. Order now and let yourself be seduced by this artisanal jam that will make your taste buds dance and awaken your senses.


Ingredients: Apricot 60%, sugar, lemon juice, agar agar

230g (Net Weight)

Only 8 left in stock
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