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2 Smoked Montbeliard Sausages

2 Smoked Montbeliard Sausages


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Montbéliard Sausage

Similar to our Morteau but slightly smaller and less smoked.
Smoked pork sausage traditionally smoked in a “tuyé” using the “Porc de Franche-Comté” breed. The only cuts allowed to be used in the mix are: ham, shoulder, belly, back fat, and loin. Natural porc gut only can be used.
Spices such as caraway, garlic, pepper, juniper are added.
After being cured, the sausage is smoked over pine, spruce and juniper for a period of 10 to 24 hours.
The Montbeliard’s colour is a beautiful golden amber, its texture is juicy and firm.
The sausage is characterised by a strong smoky flavour.



Put the sausage in a large pan and cover with cold water, cook it on medium heat for 10-15 minutes.


Serve with mashed potatoes, lentilles or cabbage.


Ingredients: Meat and pork fat IGP, salt, dextrose, glucose syrup, pepper, nutmeg, conservative E252, garlic, caraway seed, ferments, natural pork guts.

260g (Net Weight) min.


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