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BACHANA Organic grenadine syrup

BACHANA Organic grenadine syrup


Organic Artisanal Grenadine syrup   40cl

Grenadine Raw Syrup by Bacanha is a simple and
greedy. We find the sweetness of vanilla that harmonize
with the tangy taste of red fruits.

Grenadine Raw Syrup is used in many cocktails,
ranging from the famous tequila sunrise to monaco

Up to 20 drinks for 1 bottle



Alcoholic cocktails, Mocktails
Sodas, Lemonades


Ingredients: Pure organic cane sugar*, water, natural flavors of: raspberry, strawberry, concentrated organic blackcurrant juice*, acidifier: citric acid, natural flavors of: vanilla, blackcurrant, lemon, organic concentrated juices: strawberry, raspberry*. *From organic farming.

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