Les Prunes à Monsieur

Les Prunes à Monsieur


Les Prunes à Monsieur  "Best specialty of France - 2006"

Grafted in 1507, the plum of Damascus (Syria) becomes the prune d’ente which, dried, becomes the prune that Agen city in France has made its specialty. Their name "Prunes de Monsieur" comes from the brother of Louis XIV, the Duke of Orléans, who was called "Monsieur". He was fond of prunes d’ente (plums used to make Prunes) to the point of catching indigestions. These are the Plums of Monsieur: so good that they can be enjoyed endlessly! This confectionery with a soft and supple texture reveals the aromas of the South-West of France. It surprises and delights gourmets fond of the flavors of Gascony.

This specialty of character will perfectly end a meal

Recipe: Paste of white chocolate with Prunes, grapes and Armagnac coated with black chocolate


Ingredients: White chocolate 44% and dark chocolate 26%,sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor) prunes 13%, grappes 5%, Armagnac 4%, invert sugar syrup, anti-caking sugar: corn starch.

100g (Net Weight)

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