La Trop Blanche  "Artisanal beer"

La Trop Blanche "Artisanal beer"


La Trop BLANCHE  (330ml  /  4.4%)    World beer Awards

Artisanal beer From Provence


Tasting Note

The color is pale yellow, naturally cloudy, very bright. The bubble is thin and regular. The foam is light, not very dense, slightly adherent. The nose is fresh and spicy. The first malted and slightly acidic attack is typical of a white beer. Then citrus scents come to coat the sweet and sour atmosphere.
The mouth is frank. The fine selection of hops, supported by the presence of wheat, brings a neat bitterness. Notes of orange zest, lime scents, amplify the overall freshness.The finish, slightly spicy by coriander, confers an appreciable thirst-quenching side.

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