Beef ravioli

Beef ravioli


Beef Ravioli

Ingredients:  Sauce:  Water, concentrated tomato, onions, carrots, olive oil, shallots, beef stock (water, salt, potato starch, natural flavourings, sugar, aromatic plants, potato maltodextrin, dahydrated beef fat and meat), red wine (sulphite) garlic, salt, sugar, black pepper, paprika, Provencal herbs, baking soda.


Raw Raviolis (origine FRANCE)30%: dought 50%, high quality durum wheat semolina  36%(gluten) water, eggs from hens raised in the open air 5% (140g for 1 kg of semolina)


Stuffin 40% : cooked beed meat 20%, tomato sauce, beadcrums (wheat)(gluten) onions, sunflower oil, potato flakes (deshydrated potato, spices extract) carrots, water, wheat fiber (gluten), beef stock(beef meat and cookinq juices, salt), timut pepper, garlic, thyme, pepper.

Beef meat origin : FRANCE

660g (Net weight)

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