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100% Arabica Honduras coffee 250g

100% Arabica Honduras coffee 250g


100% Arabica Honduras coffees 
In Honduras, a small country in Central America, coffee supports 600 people.000 people.

our cooperative which brings together more than 150 small producers, including
40% women. The aim of this cooperative is to promote direct trade between
producers and consumers, to promote fair trade to improve well-being
workers, women and children, and also to act on the protection of the environment.

The farms are located in the southwest of the country, on heights between 1300 and 1700m
altitude, surrounded by a tropical forest, with temperatures between 18°C ​​and 28°C.

This coffee offers a caramelized cup with notes of cocoa and peanuts.


Altitude: between 1200 and 1600 meters above sea level
Number of producers: Approximately 346 women farmers
Varieties: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catimor
Process: Semi-washed and sun-dried on patios
Certifications: Organic, fair trade
Harvest season: October to June
Taste notes: Grapefruit, apple, liquorice, hazelnut


250g (Net Weight)

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