Absinthe "Libertine" 55%

Absinthe "Libertine" 55%


Absinthe bottle + Gift box & Special spoon  (70cl / 55%)

Libertine ® absinthes

Libertine® represents the new-found freedom to produce absinthe again…

The range includes:

  • Libertine® Originale ABV 55%, the most balanced variety, gold medal winner at the 2018 Paris Concours Général Agricole in a Box with 1 spoon.


A turbulent past

Absinthe is a legendary aperitif, which became very fashionable in the mid-nineteenth century. It was initially the preserve of the Paris artistic elite before being more widely adopted. In the early twentieth century, both men and women drank absinthe in bars. This was Happy Hour for absinthe (or the Green Hour as it was called back then in tribute to absinthe).

Sadly though, opponents of the drink began to join ranks, alarmed at its remarkable success. The wine-growing lobby (yes there was one back then!) reeling from the phylloxera epidemic used all its influence and dirty tactics to discredit absinthe. It was behind the famous slogan “absinthe drives people mad”. Such efforts culminated in the prohibition of absinthe in 1915.

Distilleries in Fougerolles produced around 16% of all absinthe consumed in France at the time. The ban therefore spelled the end for many Fougerolles distilleries and related trades such as cooperage and basketwork.

However, absinthe had given consumers a taste for aniseed, so the first aniseed-flavoured aperitifs began to emerge in 1922. These were produced using absinthe recipes minus the wormwood. And that's how the first pastis came into being.

In 2001, Libertine® ABV 55% was launched. At the time, it was hard to tell whether there would be any demand from consumers after so many years of prohibition. However, Libertine worked its magic and became very popular.

In 2003, we harvested our first crop of artemisia absinthium from the hills overlooking Fougerolles. The range gradually developed, with accessories such as absinthe fountains and glasses also added into the mix.

In 2011, the prohibition act of 1915 was permanently repealed.

In the late 1980s, an EU regulation discreetly authorised “wormwood-based spirits”.

In 2000, the Distillerie Paul Devoille started work on an absinthe based on a traditional recipe.


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