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100% Arabica Congo Kivu 250g

100% Arabica Congo Kivu 250g


100% Arabica Congo Kivu

Located in North Kivu, west of Lake Edward, the cooperative works in the production of organic coffee, tea and cocoa while having sustainable local development.

Certified organic since 2012, it was also, thanks to our collaboration, certified Fair For Life in October 2020.

The climate in the Lubero territory is equatorial, it rains a lot and temperatures vary between 12° and 23°C.

The altitude is between 1500 and 2300 meters.


Altitude: 1,500 and 2,300 metres above sea level
Number of producers: 5036 farmers
Certifications: Organic, Fair For Life
Varieties: Bourbon
Soil: Volcanic
Process: Pulped cherry, washed by individual small farmers. Parchment collected for further drying, grinding, and sorting
Harvest season: October to May

Taste notes: For lovers of great terroirs, this floral coffee offers sweet notes of slightly acidic citrus fruits at the beginning of the tasting, then gives way to a milk chocolate flavor and finishes on a peppery aspect.

250g (Net Weigh)

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